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About Avatarity
What's an Avatar?
Dictionary.com defines the word "avatar" as follows:
    An embodiment, as of a quality or concept; an archetype.

    A temporary manifestation or aspect of a continuing entity.

In today's internet communities, an the word has come to mean a graphical representation of a real person. This is usually a small graphic that the person choses to represent their online persona. It tends to reflect, at least to some extent their personality and interests.

Avatars can come be one's photos, pictures of movie characters, actors, music artists, or perhaps something else entirely. They tend to be used in online forums, chatrooms, instant message services - anywhere people interact with one another online.

What is Avatarity?
Avatarity is the web's first site dedicated to collecting, classifying and showing avatars. We have tried to make finding an avatar to suit your personal tastes super easy.

Found an Avatar you like but our version is too big for you? Too small? use our Avatar Resizer to get that Avatar in the size that's just right for you. Want to make that 100x100 pixel picture of Orlando Bloom into an AIM Buddy Icon? Not a problem!

Not sure which Avatar best reflects your online persona? We'll let you pick up to 10 and have your online buddies vote on which one you should use with a customized link you can email around.

And if you still can't find an Avatar you like, you can always submit it for others to use!

Register for an account with us, and you can upload your own avatars, rate those posted by others, and much more!

Now What?
Well, now you could go browse our avatar categories or search for avatars (see search box on the right). Or click the random avatar in the top right corner. Better yet, you could keep reloading this page to see a new random avatar there each time.

Oh, and did we mention you could sign up if you haven't already? Then you get to define your own avatar, upload some to share with other visitors, and rate the avatars already on the site!

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